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Happy Tuesday, Parents and friends 😊 What a beautiful learning and play time we have had today with Senior Kindy and Pre-Kindergarten.

The children started the morning exploring around the playground area looking for leaves, seeds, flowers and other natural objects to make an Easter Bunny face for a natural art and craft time. Zahra and Zander had an idea to use the leaves to make the bunny ears – Ryan and Macy used the twigs and stems to make the bunny whiskers. They all used their imagination to create, and the resulted is absolute adorable!

Kaylee and Ivy get very involved in an imaginative play this morning, picking up chairs, wood blocks, “GREEN THINGS” leaves and more to create they own space. Harley filled up the back of his bike and brought more random materials to help Kaylee and Ivy build the space. After some conversations they decided that own creation was a bus.  Then they invited other friends to come inside the bus and they drove away telling their friends stories and sharing giggles.
                The children also enjoyed exploring and engaging in colouring, block building, imaginative play, Hide and seek games, painting, reading and much more.
                Together we packed away the activities and we came inside in sit on the mat together. Ryan was very excited to do his show and tell which was photos from his family holiday at his grandparent’s farm. Ryan was enthusiastic about each photo making sure to tell his friends about who was in the photo and what they were doing. Thank you for sharing Ryan! We sang a couple of our favourite songs such as ‘ABC’ and ‘Skinner Marinky’ before having a delicious lunch outside under the shade of the veranda.

We are planning on having a fun afternoon letting out some energy in the playground and enjoying each other’s company

Written by Miss Gabi

Miss Dominique, Miss TJ and Miss Gabi x