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Welcome to Tuesday’s Blog

This morning the children joined Miss TJ on the mat where we sang along to our morning songs plus some other nursery rhymes while using dried seed pods as our clap sticks. Senior Kindy children enjoyed using the pods as a musical instrument, clapping them together and on the floor. This was an extension from our musical instrument experience last week where we used different materials to make music. As a group we then watched an educational clip of an Australian indigenous group of people using clap sticks to perform a song and dance. The children loved listening and watching the people dance and sing.

During activity time we played with play dough at the table, using the seed pods, rolling pins and sculpting tools. Play dough is one of Senior Kindy’s favourite experiences as the children get to get their hands a bit messy and use their imagination to create whatever they want. Our friend Cohen has a new baby brother in his family. We wanted to help Cohen make his family a card to welcome the baby into the family. We invited Cohen and the class to come over to the craft table where they could make a special card for a special someone. They used collage, pens and glue to create their masterpiece. The children were very excited to make a card for someone they love! On the last activity table the children wanted to play with the Farm set. Small world play, role playing has been great for the children to interact with each other positively, learning to share and take turns. It has also been great observing the children using their imagination to tell stories working with a friend to role play a story. The class was also very interested in the doll house today. Again another small world role playing activity. A group of children also chose to bring out the cars on the mat, racing them around on the ground and the furniture.

Before lunch, we headed outside for a play in the sand pit. We made sure we had our hats on and stayed in the shade as the sun was quite warm. It was a nice play digging in the sand with the shovels, cooking over at the kitchen and working with friends to transfer the sand from one side to the other. Our friend Noah did a trial at Tennis with the Kindergarten children. Noah did an amazing job at his first lesson. He learn how to do a couple exercised like jumping in and out of the ladder that was on the ground and hitting the ball with the tennis racket. If you would like your child to participate in Tennis every Tuesday, please talk to the people at the front office.

Hope you all have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Mr G