Good afternoon

Today in the Senior Kindy room we had 8 friends! So lovely to have welcomed some new friends last week to play with. We had a beautiful moment inside looking out our big window telling everyone what we could see. This morning at group time we continued to learn our new morning song called ‘Hello’. The children copied Miss TJ’s hand actions and sang ‘Hello’ to their friends up high, down low, fast and slow. Continuing with our group time from last week on talking in front of the class, today we took turns holding a shell and introducing ourselves to everyone in the circle. This will be great to build on confidence and help us to learn everyone’s names. We then transitioned off to morning tea with a colour recognition game where Miss TJ said a colour and if they were wearing that colour they could go wash their hands.

For activity time Ellie asked if we could play with Lego! We asked our neighbour Miss Donna if we could borrow her Lego. Zander and Asher were straight into the construction using their fine motor skills to push the pieces together. When I asked what they were making Zander said “Tower for Mum and Dad” and Asher said “A geckomobile”. Harley also had fun using his creativity skills to build a “House”. He said “can you take a photo?”.

Yesterday we made a tub of goop from corn flour and water since the children have been showing a great interest in messy play. Today we brought out the tub again for some more fun! Harley and Zahra were first to try the goop experience. They were both looking at each other waiting for the other person to put their hands in first, a bit unsure of how it was going to feel. Eventually they both hands their hands fully into the substance. Miss Kylie joined us when it was Zander and Asher’s turn, which they were covering her hands in the goop while giggling away. During the experience the children were using a lot of describing words…

Harley- “It feels like glue”

Zahra-“It sticks to you, gooey”

Zander- “Slimy, Ohhhh slimy”

Asher- “This ones fun. Sauce is coming through”

Ellie was enjoying watching the children getting their hands messy. Ellie and Kaylee then had their turn together pouring the goop on each others hands. The children also enjoyed working together to put the big farm puzzle together. Zahra, Harley, Ellie and Asher were so proud of themselves when they had completed the puzzle. Great team work! The home corner was very popular today of course, a few friends were cooking up a big feast for everyone. Mia was in her element playing with the wooden dolls in the doll house.

We then headed outside under the fort in the sandpit to have even more messy play. The children enjoyed swinging on the swings, climbing the monkey bars and experimenting with the sand. Just before lunch we had Yoga with Miss Gabby in the lovely fort area. Miss Gabby sang our Welcome song and then she demonstrated some poses that we copied. The children had some cuddles with her Koala, Monkey and Caterpillar while having a relaxing moment listening to some meditation music and Missy Gabby’s soft words while she tickles us with her magic feather.

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon

Miss TJ