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Good Afternoon

This morning the children played to nicely together in the yard. Asher, Ellie and Zahra were playing “Rain rain go away” running and hiding under the tunnel. Zander was cooking in the sand pit and then joined the group to go on the swing. Kaylee was having fun in the cubby house with her friend Indy from the Pre- kindy room.

Once inside the children ran straight over to the animal small world set up on the grass blocks. Asher was using sticks from the nature box and stacked them on top of each other to create, “A campfire”.  Over on the tables the children enjoyed playing with some fresh play dough and nature items from the garden that had been blown on the floor from the strong winds that we had today. It was so much fun to use our imagination when making things out of the dough, leaves and sticks. The children in Senior Kindy are very creative! Children’s voice:

Zahra- A boat!

Ellie- It’s amazing. I’m making a froggy.

Lily- A tree

Zander and I collaborated to make a scarecrow. Zander said, “You make the head and I will make the big body. It’s a snowman. It’s a scarecrow. We both worked together to put the scarecrow together and Zander finished off the piece by rolling out a scarf with the dough and wrapping it around the scarecrows neck. Great job Zander!

The children absolutely loved playing with the white board markers and the small white boards. We practiced using the correct pencil grip with our fingers. Zahra and Asher both wanted to try and write the first letter of their names. Miss TJ drew up their first letter with dots for them to trace over. They did an awesome job. Kaylee and Jaxon enjoyed practicing their pencils grip while drawing pictures on the boards. Children’s voice:

Zahra- I did it!

Asher- H!  (Asher had a go at writing A by himself. When he had finished, he noticed his letter looked more like a H)

Zander- Z for Zander!

Kaylee- I’m doing mummy and daddy now.

Jaxon- A big circle

Over on the mat the children wanted to bring out the small cars and mat. Home corner was very popular again today. The children were hanging the clothes on the hangers, making a picnic and pretending to be mums and babies. Ella was fascinated with the play phones. She placed the photo against her ear and said “Hello….Bye”.

We had a lovely play in the sand pit before coming back inside for a group time together. Miss TJ read the next chapter of the feeling’s books called ‘When I’m feeling lonely’, Which taught us to make sure we always involve all our friends in play and that our friends and families love us for who we are.  Zahra requested that we sang ‘Skinner Marinky’ and Kaylee suggested ‘Wheels on the bus’. The children sang son beautifully with smiles on their faces.

Hope you had a great day

Miss TJ