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Hello families!

This morning we welcomed our friends Hudson, Nayla, Toby, Dominic, Luca, Parker, Archie, Lachie, Orion, Henry L, Banjo, Grace, Kezia, Henry W, Zahra, Lincoln and Alanis. Our friends spent the morning in the yard, exploring and role playing. Dominic, Hudson, Parker, Lachlan and Luca spent their time pretending to work in a Yoghurt factory, making different flavoured yoghurts using bark, sand and leaves. Once all of our friends had arrived, we made our choo choo train at the door, washed our hands and sat down for morning tea.

After morning tea, we sat on the mat as a group and read “we are going on a bear hunt” before splitting into indoor/outdoor play. Outdoors, we had Miss Aaliyah and Mr Lachie, with a couple of the boys, who played soccer, kicking the ball¬† between the nets, balancing on the balancing beams and doing an alphabet puzzle. Indoors, we had Miss Bec and Miss Tayla. On one table, we had blue and nude coloured playdough, representing water and sand. The children made different animals and objects using the playdough and their imagination. On the other table, we had painting. Miss Bec painted her own version of Planet Earth, and asked the children if they could copy and make their own version. The children used blue and green paint to represent Earth. The purpose of this activity was to see each child’s ability to repeat, mirror and reflect immediately or later. Not all children attempted this activity, but those who did, did so well! We then all sat on the mat, where we sang some songs with Miss Bec, including the wheels on the bus, we danced to the hokey pokey and ring-a rosie. What a blast! The children then headed outdoors where they enjoyed themselves, engaging with one another in free play.

What a great Tuesday! Sorry, we have no photos again, but Miss Bec will print the blog with photos and get them emailed to you.

Love Miss Bec, Miss Tayla and Miss Aaliyah xx