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Welcome back! Hope you all had a lovely long weekend.

Today we welcome another new friend, Jaxon! Jaxon and his new friends were very excited when they spotted a garbage truck outside out windows while we were munching on our morning tea. Jaxon said, “Look a truck, its white and blue”. At group time Jaxon sat up in front of the class and told them a bit about himself such as his love for vehicles. He told us that he loves trucks, cars and trains! Mia was very excited to share her adventures with Bob the Sloth over the last few days. Mia share photos of her time with Bob and it looks like that had an awesome time with Mia’s cousins and playing around Mia’s house. Ellie requested that we sing “Konichiwa” so we sang ‘People all around the world’.

During activity time the children explored the tadpole/frog play dough table which is an extension on our tadpole/frog discovery. The children were challenged to make tadpoles out of the play dough! Children’s voice:

Zahra- A worm!

Ellie- Its a little tadpole

Kaylee- Look! He needs eye.

Lily- This is a house.

Jaxon- A froggy house. This is the eyes

Mia- (Mia enjoyed jumping the frogs from play dough to play dough and then stamping them into the dough)

As Jaxon loves cars, today we brought out the big car town mat and all of our various vehicles. Jaxon ran straight over to play on the mat and was very clever at making siren sounds.

We had a lovely time at Yoga with Miss Gabby doing our hello song, Practicing some animal yoga poses, sharing dance moves and warming up our bodies and playing games.

Hope you all have a great afternoon

p.s I’m sorry that some of our photos are a bit blurry

Miss TJ