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Good afternoon friends and families,

Today we welcomed Rania, Lachlan, Poppy, Kezia, Goku, Henry, Banjo, Luca, Grace, Lilly, alanis, Zahra and Archie into the yard. We spent the morning with our Pre kindy and Kindergarten classes, exploring, swinging, climbing, digging, pushing and role playing. Once all of our friends had arrived, we headed indoors for morning tea.

After morning tea, we sat down for a group time. Today we read “we are going on a bear hunt”, “queen of the toilet” and somewhere in Australia before transitioning into our daily activities. Today we set up a nature/sensory activity where the children could play with the animals amongst a mixture of rice, pasta, rocks and leaves. We also set up a doctors area, making a bed, and having the children take turns in being the doctor. They really enjoyed checking each other heart beat, temperature and mouths. We also set up a play dough table where the children were free to make and manipulate different shapes and thicknesses of the play dough. Miss Bec then put on our “clean up” song, and all the children stopped what they were doing,and packed away what they were playing with. Their self help skills are improving heaps. We are also continuing to do self help for meal times too, where the children come up one at a time and select what they would like on their plate. We then headed outdoors and had a dance party, the children really enjoyed this as it was dancing in a different environment.

We are all now fast asleep and ready for a great afternoon

Love Miss Bec and Miss Deb xx

REMINDERS : if your child is involved in soccer, the coaches have been arriving at 9am, so please make sure your child is here by that time as we do not want them to miss out.
– Please label your child’s shoes, bottles and other belongings as we are finding some children have the same stuff.