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The time is flying by. Soon it will be Christmas and then most of our Senior Kindy children will be moving up to Pre-Kindy.

The class is so close with one another and it is so lovely watching them interact so positively and involved everyone in the play. This morning after a very warm run around in the sun we decided to come inside and relax on the mat together with our water bottles. We cooled down on the mat and had chats as a group. The children started talking about the colour of their hair. We went around the room learning that Kaylee’s hair is a colour called blonde and the rest of the children have different shades of brown hair. We then noticed everyone has different colour eyes and skin colour too. It was a lovely group discussion together!

The children then chose ‘Where is the Green sheep?’ for our group story.

At activity time the children placed colourful cellophane onto a circle shaped clear contact. We then put a square piece of cardboard on the top so that it looked like colourful Christmas lights.

We had fresh green play dough and new Christmas themed cookie cutters for the children to explore. We also had our felt Christmas trees for the children to decorate.

A few children enjoyed cutting up the Velcro food in the home corner and some started to sing songs from Frozen.  Miss TJ put the speaker on and played our favourite sing along from Frozen and then some other Christmas party tunes. Everyone soon made their way to the mat to have a boogie.

Tomorrow we have our Christmas Party and Show. Hope to see you all there.

Miss TJ