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Welcome to Wednesday ‘s today note 😊

Hope you have all had a great day.

Today in Senior Kindy we had a very fun filled day. We were stuck inside because of the rain again today but it was really nice listening and watching the storm pass by us. Ryan said “That’s a storm” as we heard some thunder. Noah was very kind to share his squishy frog toy that was helping him settle. It did the trick, the frog and Noah’s classmates helped cheer him up as he passed the frog around.

We made a big circle on the mat by holding each others hands. Together we stretched our bodies getting ready for the day. Stretching our bodies helps us to be strong and healthy. We showed off our amazing singing to our ‘People all around the world’ and ‘Skinner Marinky’ which is a song all about LOVE. This was with Valentines Day in mind 😊Transitioning off to activity time we play a colour naming game. Everyone was amazing!

For activity time the children made special Valentine’s Day picture and told us someone that they LOVE. The responses were very sweet! We pulled out the blue play dough again today as the children have been really enjoying the sensory play. They used the patterned rolling pins and hammers to create patterns in their dough. They were so excited to reveal their dough to their friends. Harvey said, “I’m knocking it with my hammer”.

Over on the mat the children were making homes for their animals which was a continuous play from yesterday. Ryan said to his friend Hendrix, “Can you help me make home for my animals”.  Hendrix replied, ” I’m going to help you okay”. Connor was practicing his balance skills by balancing a bowl on the end of a wooden spoon. Tate said he was making a “boat” out of the construction toys.

Emerson, Joseph and Zachary were very excited to go to soccer. They had so much doing different drills where they kicked, balances, stopped and dribbled with the football. If you would like your child to do soccer on Wednesday’s please talk to the ladies at the front desk.

To calm our bodies down we practiced our belly breathing together on the mat. Elmo showed us how to Belly breath on a short song clip. We then lay down on the mat with our hands on our bellies, breathing in and out feeling the rise and fall of our stomachs. This helped us to relax our bodies after lots of fun and get rid of any angry, silly or sad monsters.

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ