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Hello and welcome to our awesome Wednesday here in the Senior Kindy Room.

This morning Miss TJ and Miss Jess welcome our fabulous 7 friends, Tate, Ayla, Harvey, Connor, Joseph, Ryan and Zachary 😊

Our friends couldn’t go outside today as the worker man are fast to work as they are fixing our flooring as sadly the grass didn’t grow as expected ☹ They are now replacing some of the grass with turf instead! We can’t wait to see the new improved turf for the flooring.  Our friends watch in excitement at the window! Soon enough we will be back outside!

When Miss Jess arrived this morning, it was time for some delicious morning tea. Soon after we all ate, we headed to the carpet in the book nook area for group time with Miss TJ and Miss Jess.

Before we started group time Miss TJ went through how to sit like our friend Lucy. (Whole body listening) this ensures our teachers/friends we are listening and engaged in what they are saying.  When all friends were sitting so nicely, we went around in a circle taking it in turns to say what our name was and for our friends to say it back. We are all getting pretty good at remembering everyone now 😊 We then sang the hello song Miss TJ introduced before asking our friends what they wanted to do today.

The children asked if we could do some painting and play dough. Our friend Joseph brought in special play dough scissors for the dough table. The group were excited to see red play dough. We added cookie cutters and other dough scissors to help as tools to create. We continued our group project of painting big pieces of paper to eventually cut into a tree for a family tree wall display. Ayla told us that the leaves on the tree are green and that we needed green paint. Today the children used thick paint brushes and different shades of green paint to cover the large paper.

The group also enjoyed role playing in the home corner and with the dolls over at the doll house. Harvey shared with us this morning that him and his Mum both love singing along to George Ezra’s songs. During activity time we played some of George Ezra’s top songs and Harvey sang along to most of the words. We were very impressed! Harvey and the children loved listening to the music while playing around the room. Very clever Harvey, remembering all those words to the songs!

What a lovely day it has been in Senior Kindy. Hope you all enjoy your afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Jess