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Hello families,

Welcome to a wonderful Wednesday!

After playing and exploring outside, we all came and sat on the mat for our morning group time with Miss Leesa. We sang our favorite songs and the Acknowledgment to Country, then we talked about where the children would like to move the furniture and toys around to change up the room. It was great to get their input and see where they wanted to play. So we had a think about it, washed our hands and practiced our self-help skills for morning tea.

Today consisted of us helping each other with rearranging and working as a team. Our little friends love to contribute their opinions and ideas and help put it into practice! We used our little muscles and helped Miss Tatyana and Miss Leesa get the job done 🙂 Thank you friends!

After having fun exploring new elements in the room together, we read a little story before lunch and rest time. We love a good book!

There were even some new car tracks and toys that we got to play with for the first time! Thank you Miss Nadine for giving Senior Kindy some new toys!

All of this is a great way to keep the children engaged in the classroom activities and keep them stimulated and interested 🙂 We want their classroom environment to always be comfortable as well as exciting!

Thank you everyone for a great day 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana