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Welcome to Wednesday’s Blog 😊

Today we decided to spend the day out in the fresh air enjoying the sunshine. Senior Kindy children loved that idea as they always enjoy exploring and learning in the outdoors. We took our tables outside and set up some lovely engaging experiences for the children. Today we also invited the children to bring a special cuddly teddy to Kindy for a Teddy Bears Picnic. Senior Kindy we so excited to show their teddy to Miss TJ, Mr G and their friends. On one of the outdoor tables we had a biscuit decorating experience where the children used green and pink coloured icing and sprinkles to decorate a biscuit to have later for the picnic. We made sure we had washed our hands before decorating. It was great to see the children so focus on their decorating skills. The biscuits looked wonderful!

On another table we extended on the children interest on construction vehicles by adding construction cones, protection hats , two trays (Donated by Emerson’s family, thank you so much) filled with sand and bark and a variety of diggers, excavators, dump trucks etc. Senior Kindy absolutely loved role playing with the trucks, picking up the sand or bark with the scoops and travelling around the table. We would like to continue to extend on this interest by setting up a ‘Construction Zone’ for the children to explore even more.

On the last table we added Dinosaurs. We welcomed back our friend Ryan today after he has been away on a Holiday with family. Ryan loves his Dinosaurs and asked if we could play with them today. We added leaves and sticks from the garden to create a small world play space on the table for the children to use their imagination to tell stories with their role playing. The Dinosaur play ended up in the garden which was great to see the children take initiative and use their space around them.

A couple of the children went over to build with the large blocks. They were working together and listening to each other’s ideas. We have such a lovely kind group of children. Today was also Little Big Sports. The Soccer children went over with the coaches for their lesson, but we also had some friends who wanted to have a trial.

It was then time for our Teddy Bear’s Picnic. We sat in a circle on our picnic blanket giving our Teddy’s lots of cuddles and showing them off to each other. Miss TJ passed around their biscuits that they individually made for them to enjoy. The children were having little chats amongst themselves and told us that the biscuits were “Really Yummy”.

Hope you all have a great afternoon,

Miss TJ and Mr G x