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Hello Riversdale families,

Its the middle of our fun-filled week! We started our day playing amongst our outdoor yard waiting for all of our friends to arrive. During our morning play, we got to have lots of fun with some water play, cooking some sand/bark cakes in the kitchen and climbing and riding around the grassy hill. We also got a surprise visit from a Firefighter with his big firetruck! He said hello to us all as we watched his engine and alarm on his big fire truck! What a cool little experience for us to see!

As we made the transition inside, we sat on the mat for our morning group time with Tatyana and Miss Leesa. Miss Tatyana showed us all the special stickers that we got from the firefighter that teaches us how to call 000 in an emergency. We were all very excited for them! Then we said our Acknowledgment to Country and sang our Good Morning songs together with Miss Leesa 🙂

After re-energizing our little bodies with some morning tea, we all enjoyed some classroom activities with our friends. There was so many to chose from and we are very lucky to have a broad range of toys and activities for us each to enjoy! Us educators also love being able to see what activities that they each like to engage in, what their interests may be and how they all interact in a classroom environment. We took advantage of the Senior Kindy classroom and its resources today as much as we could 🙂

After packing away all of our fun, we joined as a cohort for our afternoon group time with Miss Leesa. We read a funny story and did a little Show and Tell, as Ryan had some special photos that he wanted to share with the class! He told us all about his holiday and showed us how much fun he had! We all listened very well, thank you for sharing with us Ryan! We always like to encourage a little Show and Tell in the Senior Kindy room as it helps the children gain more confidence, helps with their language and communication skills, while also allowing them to gain pride and self-esteem 🙂

It was then time for us all to get ready for some lunch and a quiet rest. Thank you Senior Kindy for a happy Wednesday! See you all soon 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa, Miss Tatyana and Miss Danna