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Wednesday already! This week is flying by. There were some beautiful play experiences set out this morning for the Senior Kindy room to explore. Ellie and Mia were playing a ghost game in the cubby house where they ran and hid inside. Yesterday afternoon when we tipped the water trough full of boats down the stream. Asher and Zander loved watching the boats float down the stream.  We thought we would continue the boat and water fun today by bringing the boats out again over to the water stream area. Mia and Ellie both joined Asher and Zander. They all took their shoes off to feel the nice cool water on their feet and then chose a boat to play with. Ellie first worked on the water pump so that water could come out into the stream. Ellie said “I’ll pump. Let me get some more water”. Zander was having so much fun walking in the water and playing with a dolphin toy saying “Look out! The dolphins coming”. Asher and Mia took turns at pumping the handle up and down. Asher then ran around, grabbing a boat and placing it into the flowing water saying, “My ones a sailboat”. What an amazing experience for the children to have, interacting positively with each other verbally and non-verbally and developing dispositions for learning such as curiosity and imagination.

Inside Miss Nikki read us, ‘The Very Cranky Bear’ as it is our new favourite story. Extending on from the story Miss TJ set up a playdough experience for the children with sticks (As the Antlers from the Moose), Paper strips (as the Zebra stripes) and yellow wool pieces (as the Lion’s golden mane) from the story. The task was to make a Cranky Bear using the playdough and then dress him up in the sticks, paper and wool just like the animals did in the story. Miss Nikki demonstrated the different techniques that we can do with our hands to make the bear such as rolling and pinching the dough. Ellie said “I’ve got stripes to stick on, those are antlers and grass. Jingle, jungle, jungle cold and rainy day”. Ellie also shared her ‘Thelma the unicorn’ story with the class who sat beautifully for her as she flicked through the pages.

On the other tables we had puzzles including a new aboriginal flag puzzles which Zander and Asher worked together to complete. We also had a colour sorting activity where the children had to sort the domino pieces into the correct colours, placing them into the buckets.

Hope you all had a lovely day today. I am so proud of all the children being so kind to each other and using their manners!

Miss TJ