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Wonderful Wednesday with Senior Kindy

Hope you have all had a lovely Wednesday. Senior Kindy children enjoyed cooling down with some water play this morning, filling up buckets and transporting them to the sand pit. They were also using the buckets of water to dip paint brushes in, and paint the walls with water. Once inside we sang our morning song clapping along to the actions and also practiced counting with our fingers to 10! Transitioning to our activity time the children pointed to an item of clothing they were wearing and named the colour. We are getting very clever at our counting and colours as we have been incorporating the learning in our every day program.

We continued to practice our fine motor skills doing our Peg and Pom Pom challenge. We sat with the children that were giving it ago as some needed a bit of help with opening and closing the pegs. We drew teeth and eyes on the pegs, turning them into crocodile to help us imagine the crocodiles mouth opening and closing. The children picked up the pom poms with the pegs and placed them into the egg carton.

Extending on their painting fun outside, we set up a newspaper collage station where the children ripped up strips of newspaper and then used a paint brush to glue it onto their page. They absolutely loved this experience, especially ripping the newspaper. It was another great fine motor experience, learning to using out fingers to grab and rip the paper.

The group were very excited to used Miss Donna’s large car mat since one of our most favourite activity is racing cars along the ground, tables and walls. The large mat provided a lot of space for the children to move around the mat with their cars. It was so nice to see the children interacting positively and communicating well with sharing the mat space.

The children also enjoyed exploring the home corner area and the doll house role playing characters with each other.

Have a great afternoon,

Miss TJ and Mr G x