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Hello families!

This morning we welcomed our friends Alanis, Kezia, Zahra, Rania, Goku, Poppy, Banjo, Rumi, Everly, Henry L, Hudson, Luca, Lachlan, Nayla, Henry W and Finley. Today we celebrated National Storytelling week. Our friends started the morning out in the yard, hammering nails into wood with Mr Andrew, climbing on the obstacle courses, making pasta in the kitchen and using the blocks to build big towers.¬†Before morning tea, we sat on the mat and read “Wombat Stew”. The children know some of the song now, and join in when it is time. We then sang bee bee bumble bee, before washing our hands and sitting down at the table.

After morning tea, we transitioned to the mat where we spoke about today’s activities. We then started our indoor/outdoor day, where the doors were left open for the children to choose where they wanted to play. Inside, we had bubble painting, where the children blew bubbles in soapy orange water. They then placed the piece of paper over the bubbles, to form a pattern on the page. We then had a “rescue” activity where the children found people and cars who were buried in the sand. We forgot to take photos of this, sorry! The children took turns in finding the buried objects, and used that as a “rescue”. They loved both activities. Outdoors, we had free play as well as a dance party.

It was then time for us to head up to the treehouse with Kindergarten class. We had an astronaut read us “Give me some space”, and we sat and listened while looking at the book.

Today is Lachlan’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACHIE! We had a mini party with cupcakes this afternoon to celebrate.

Lots of love,

Miss Bec, Miss Tayla and Miss Aaliyah x