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Wonderful glorious Wednesday for Senior and Pre kindy children 😊


This morning there were some lovely engaging experiences set up in the yard. The children were excited to do some painting over in the garden area using all the colours of the rainbow. We hung up their amazing paintings for everyone to view. Our friends also enjoyed pen drawing on clipboards, dressing up and caring for the baby dolls around the cubby house, climbing the cage and cooking with the sand and bark.

Once all of our friends had arrived at kindy, we gathered under the shade to have a group time. We welcomed a new friend into Pre Kindy, Willow. Willow was so excited this morning to explore the yard and was very quick to make some new friends. We sang our ‘Hello’ song as it talks about meeting new friends and how to welcome them. The children also chose to sing ‘Skinner Marinky’ and ‘Head shoulders knees and toes’. A few friends were also enjoying the reading mat this morning and were very interested in the story ‘What do they do with all the poo at the zoo’, so we decided it was going to be our group time story. What a laugh! The group were laughing their way through the story holding their noses and saying ‘yuck’.

We then got some sunscreen and our hats ready to enjoy more outdoors play. Miss TJ invited the children to come decorate Easter egg felts using different cut out shapes of felt. They really liked this activity as they decided how they wanted to decorate their egg taking pieces on and off. A small group were having a blast racing on the bikes around the hill and picking people up to sit on the back of the bike.  A few friends were practicing some soccer drills with the footballs such as dribbling the ball, small kicks and kicking the ball into the net.

Hope you have had a lovely day,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia 😊