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Hello friends and families, 

This morning Miss Bec and Miss Deb welcomed Poppy, Alanis, Rania, Finley, Zahra, Rumi, Archie, Henry, Lachlan, Luca and Kezia into Senior Kindy. Due to the weather, we spent the morning indoors, where the children enjoyed playing in home corner, building big tall towers with the blocks, they made a car track to zoom the cars around and completed some puzzles. Miss Bec then arrived and the children sat down for a group time, where she read “one lost bear” and “we are going on a bear hunt”. The children know almost all the words to the bear hunt book and enjoy saying “we are going to have to go THROUGH it”. We then sang some songs, including bee bee bumble bee before transitioned to the bathroom to wash our hands and sit down for morning tea.

For morning tea today, we decided to try out some self help skills. The children sat at the table, when their name was called, they went up to Miss Deb and pointed auto the foods and asked for them to go into their plate. This worked really well, and the children waited so patiently!

After morning tea, it was time for our animal activity. Today, the children mixed sand, cocoa and water together, to make some “mud” for our animals. We then added in some leaves, and let our dinosaurs have some fun in the mud. The children really enjoyed using their sensory skills when moving the animals in the mud. The children loved it! We then packed that away and got out the whiteboards, amd drawing materials where they drew different animals. Kezia amd Poppy liked to draw sharks.

The children also practiced their cutting skills today, learning how to “open their fingers, and close them”, moving the scissors along the paper. They did so well with it.

We then packed away all of our toys and went outside for a quick run around before it was time to come back inside for lunch and rest time

What a lovely day we have shared together.

Love Miss Bec and Miss Deb xx