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Hello Riversdale families,

Today in the Senior Kindy room we continued on with celebrating ‘Book Week’. Some of our friends brought along their favourite books from home and proudly showed off these stories for show and tell during Yarn time. We also shared some wonderful new books Miss Leesa collected on the weekend including ‘The Lion Inside’ and ‘I am not very Brave’. The children really love engaging during story time, particularly as they share their thoughts about the beautiful illustrations in the books.

Morning play today was super fun and busy. The children spent time painting using the small sponges, engaging in play dough play using the feathers, wooden rollers, hammers and scissors. Building farms with the lego set, engaging in role play with the doll house and having a tea party. Sharing the big book stories on the mat and building castles with the small wooden blocks.

What a great day of learning and play with our friends… Enjoy the photos…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana