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Happy Wednesday families and friends…

What a wonderfully busy day of fun and play in the Senior Kindy room today. We started our day with our morning Yarn Time as we all the children gathered on the mat for our ‘Acknowledgment to Country’ and morning songs with actions. Some of our friends proudly showed off their hair for ‘crazy hair day’ today. The children made observations about the colours and glitter in their friends hair as well as all the ‘spikey’ hairdos.

Today we continued on with engaging in dress-up play as the children chose a variety of costumes off the rack as they pretended to be police officers, nurses, doctors and construction workers. The children have really enjoyed engaging in role-play this week as they pretend to be ‘grown ups’ and ‘work’ like their mums and dads.

The children also enjoyed sensory play dough play with the scissors and shape cutters, sharing story books on the pillows with Miss Shanaya, drawing on the chalkboards, building with the magnetic tiles, role pay with the baby dolls and transport play with the cars, trucks and the emergency stations.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana