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Hello everyone,

Welcome to a Wonderful Wednesday!

We started our day with a big play in the bottom building playground, practicing all of our social and physical skills 🙂

Once Senior Kindy made their way inside, we joined for our morning group time with Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana. We welcomed and acknowledged one another and sang some of our favorite songs. Miss Leesa also talked to us about what we have planned for today and got them all excited for a fun little Christmas activity!

After washing our hands and enjoying some morning tea as a class, we each practiced our self-help skills and we self-served our own food today. We all love feeling like big boys and girls being in charge of getting our own morning tea 🙂

By then we were all ready for our play inside the classroom! As well as choosing what we wanted to play with based on our interests, there was also some fun activities that were set up for us to enjoy! Senior Kindy absolutely loved experiencing writing letters to Santa today! We got our colored paper, drew some pictures and wrote to Santa, then folded our paper into envelopes and stuck a happy Christmas sticker on them, ready to post them to Santa in our little red post box. It was so lovely to see how excited they all were and how much fun they had writing their letters and sending them to the North Pole 🙂

After packing away, we all got treated to a little Christmas story video before lunch arrived. It was then time for us all to have a big lunch and a quiet rest.

See you all tomorrow on our last day of 2020! Hope you have all had a happy Wednesday 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana