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Hello families,

Welcome to a wonderful Wednesday!

We spent our morning outside in some fun and exciting outdoor activities with our friends! Because of the hot and humid weather, we got to enjoy some water play with our big blue tub and some bubbles! We had so much fun 🙂

We soon transitioned inside for our morning group time with Miss Tatyana. Its great to see us all familiar with routine and follow transitions throughout the day smoothly and comfortably! We sang all of our good morning songs like our “Acknowledgement to Country” and “Hello, How are you?”. We then got ourselves ready to wash our hands and have morning tea with “Sleeves up Mother-Brown”, “We wash our hands each morning” and “5 Fat Sausages” to help encourage their self-help skills 🙂

After re-energizing our little bodies with some morning tea, we all sat on the mat for a little introduction for today’s activities and the intentional teaching behind it. Firstly, we read the book ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink’. This was a great story to educate the children what recycling actually is, how we can make better choices and where lots of our materials in life are made from like paper comes from trees! They all did a fabulous job in engaging on the topic of recycling so far! 🙂

We then had a little group discussion on different materials, making some stuff using our imaginations and recycled bits; like our Magic animals we made yesterday using our recycled materials! Having group discussions really helps our little friends with their communication skills, encourages their interest in the topic and helps us all understand the topic better as well as get some creative ideas and opinions flowing. We had a great talk about recycling today!

We then got to enjoy some inside-free play in our Senior Kindy room! As we played and explored inside, we let the children play with all the things we had in the room that was recycled into those toys. There was our wooden blocks, cars, doll houses, home corner kitchen and our reading books that all came from trees!! This was a great way to also encourage this week’s topic 🙂 Some of us were even excited to get their magic animals out to life from yesterday’s activity! They loved role playing with their recycled animals 🙂

Thank you Senior Kindy for an awesome day!

Kind regards,

Miss Tatyana and Miss Kate