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Welcome to another Wonderful Wednesday! The children started their morning outside in our wonderful new yard. Asher and Zander were running up the little hill and sliding down to the bottom. Harley soon joined them and they had races to see who could climb up the fastest. The children then transitioned indoors for a yummy morning tea.

Miss Nikki helped paint the children’s hands to create a display for the room. Ellie found the threading and worked on developing her fine motor skills. Miss Jess then came in with some galactic blue playdough. As the children manipulated the playdough, they spoke to each other about what they were making. Asher excitedly shared his ”baby snakes” with his friends while Harley made pizza with his playdough.

It was then time to make our way to the Mr Paramedics show. Here Pablo the bear along with his friend showed the children the basic steps of CPR and what number to call if they cant wake their parent or guardian. ‘They demonstrated how to check to see if someone’s breathing, how to move them to the Recovery Position and how to perform CPR.

Miss T.J. & Miss Jess