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Hello Senior Kindy,

WOW! Half way through the week already.

Today we welcomed Finley, Grace, Banjo, Luca, Henry, Zahra, Rumi, Archie, Nevarlia, Rania, Lachlan, Kezia, Everly, Alanis, Hudson and Goku. The children started the morning in the gorgeous sunshine, YAY! They spent their time riding bikes, swinging on the swing, climbing on the obstacle courses, drawing on the easles and listening to some tunes. We then transitioned indoors where we lined up in a “choo choo train” at the door and we counted ourselves inside, headed to the bathroom, washed our hands and sat down for morning tea. For morning tea today, we did complete self serve where we sat the different foods on each table and the children took turns of serving their own plate.

After morning tea, we had a group time with Miss Connie, where we spent time singing different songs and playing music. The children really enjoy “white shoes” and “down by the sea”. It is great to see the children involved with any educator that comes into the room. Miss Bec then arrived and the children transitioned to the tables for activity time.  Today, we did bubble wrap painting where the children painted bubble wrap then flipped it over and pressed it onto the paper, forming a pattern. We also did an activtiy with contact where we stuck different coloured celophane onto the sticky contact. We also did some “fishing” where the children used the magnetic rods and fish. We also played with coloured click and clacks (dominos) where we lined the up, colour coordinating and naming each colour as we went along. Miss Bec then put on our “clean up” song and we all started to pack away all the toys and activities that we had played with. We then put on our hats and sunscreen before headed outdoors for a play. We showed interest in the train set, making big long train tracks, riding the bikes and climbing up the hills. Before we knew it, lunch was here and it was time to head in, so we made our “choo choo train”, went into the bathroom, washed our hands and sat down for lunch.

NOTE: In Senior Kindy, we will be making a family tree wall. If possible could you please bring in or email  your favourite photo of your family to [email protected]  for us to show on our wall as well as have conversations about at group times.

Lots of love,

Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx