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Welcome to Wednesday’s Blog

This morning the Senior Kindy children enjoyed a picnic under a big tree in our yard. We had conversation’s about different types of bugs and our families. Connor was very passionate talking about the scorpion, which we learnt about yesterday while researching. He was explaining to the class about the scorpions long tail with a stinger on the end. We spoke about the scorpion being an Arachnid just like a spider as they both have 8 legs. Ants, beetles, butterflies, grasshoppers etc are called insects as they have 6 legs. Millicent was pointing out the ants on the tree that was giving us shade. The children looked up into the tree searching for any more insects. We came inside to have a quiet reading time with each other in our book corner. The children are always very engaged in their reading and love listening to more and more stories each day. Mr G read ‘The Very Cranky Bear’ with a small group of children.

Yesterday the group had lots of fun with the light box and bugs so we set it up again. It’s so great seeing the beetles, spiders, scorpions and other bugs close up with the light box to help us see. A few of the children were grouping the insects with the ones that looked similar. Senior Kindy also participated in a insect craft using recycled items. We cut up some egg cartons in long strips to use as the insects body, some cut out paper wings, googly eyes and pipe cleaners for legs. We also got blue, green, red and yellow glue paint to use for the children to paint their insect and put it all together. We asked the children what insect/bug they were making and here were their responses:

Connor- Cockroach

Emerson- Butterfly

Hendrix- Butterfly

Macy- Lady Beetle

Millicent- Butterfly

Ryan- Bug

On the last table we put out a construction resource for the children to problem solve and get creative. It was also great fine motor practice pushing and pulling the pieces together and apart. The children were making snakes, cars and other vehicles. Senior Kindy then ventured off outside for a big run around the playground before a delicious pasta lunch.

Have a wonderful afternoon and stay safe

Miss TJ and Mr G x