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It’s Wednesday!

This morning Ellie was exploring the yard with Miss TJ when we looked into the drained and noticed the water was filled up to the top. One of the Vacation care children spotted a Tadpole. Ellie and TJ looked inside and found them too, swimming around in the water. Ellie became really excited and said “Look TJ, Look!”. This brought on the discussion, What are Tadpoles? Asher and Zander soon joined us and wanted to have a look as well. Lily and Ella arrived at kindy and then we enjoyed a yummy wobbly fruit jelly morning tea. Some of our friends were a bit sad this morning so we layed down on the mat to show them how we can do belly breathing to help us calm down and feel better. Great job everyone! Extending on from our tadpole discovery in the morning Miss TJ explained to the children the life cycle of the tadpole/frog. Later in the day we watched watched a short clip/song, watching the tadpoles hatch out of the eggs and then turn into frogs. We all pretended we were frogs jumping around the pond.  Children’s voice during the discussion:

TJ- What hatches out of the Frog egg?

Asher- Tadpoles, It turns into a frog. It goes into the water too

Zander- They’re frogs now, Two legs and two arms

Lily- Which is the mummy frog? Frogs go into the water and get their arms and legs.

Ella- They orange. Tadpoles. Fish

Ellie- They hatch. Then they turn into tadpoles. They sit on the eggs, they crack.

Following the discussion we found all of our frog toys and made a frog play table with leaves and logs to explore with. Ella, Asher, Ellie and Lily had fun pretending the log pillow was a trampoline. They used their frogs so jump up high and they sang “Jump jump jump”.

The children also enjoyed the home corner dressing up, role playing with the wooden dolls in the doll house and doing free drawing with our special pens. Miss TJ also brought out our treasure hunt sand tray for the children to explore with their hands and find the treasure pieces. They were pretending that they weren’t allowed to touch the bug toys that were also in the sand, only the treasure making it a challenge for themselves.

Today we decided that we should make Miss Kerri a thank you card for all of her delicious meals that she makes for us everyday. The children worked together to do beautiful drawings in the card and were so excited waiting for her at the window to walk down and receive her card.

What an awesome day today! Hope you all have a lovely afternoon

Miss TJ