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.Hello families and friends and welcome to ‘Wonderful Wednesday’!

This morning for Yarn time we shared a funny little story about a ‘farmer’ that lost his hat and can’t find it anywhere on his farm, so he enlists the help of his farm animal friends to find it. We also sang our new favorite song B.I.N.G.O along with Old McDonald’s Farm using sign language. We had a very happy and inclusive morning group time today 🙂

Following yarn time, we got to explore our interests in a classroom environment with some free-play inside. We played amongst many of our classroom toys and activities; Our favorites were playing in our new farm set, staying in touch with our sensory skills with play-dough and participating in some finger painting!

Soon it was time for us to help Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana pack away all of our toys. Thank you friends!

Before Lunch and rest time, we sat with Miss Leesa for some exciting afternoon Yarn time using the board for fun visual representations of our favorite songs! This is super important to keep the children stimulated and encourages more of cohesive time as a group 🙂 Good listening today Senior Kindy!

Thank you everyone for a very happy Wednesday and hope you are all enjoying your week so far!

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana