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Welcome to Wednesday in the Senior Kindergarten room!

Today has been a very busy day for all our friends. Starting our morning playing outside with all our Riversdale friends playing backyard cricket, riding bikes, solving puzzles, creating artistic masterpieces straight to paper in crayon and constructing architectural wonders with mega building blocks. It is always amazing to see the children innovate and re-create using the some of the same materials each day as the expand/broaden their creative and often very imaginative minds.

Moving indoors we came together as a class for our morning group time where we sang our morning welcome songs “People all around the world” and “B – B – Bumble Bee” and partnering up with a friend to practice/demonstrate “soft hands” being gentle and kind to one another before transitioning to the tables to enjoy a light morning tea of split banana with wild berries, sultanas and organic yoghurt.

Continuing our morning, we had a cute story time reading of a special “Bluey” Lift-the-flap book that Joseph brought in to share with the class called “ The beach” while activities where setup around the room for the children to participate in. We have really been putting a lot of focus on fine motor skills and colour identification the past week. Today the children were given a variety of shapes drawn on paper and using scissors, tasked to follow patterns very carefully with the aim of cutting out the various shapes. It is great to observe their confidence and precision using scissors has increased. We will keep working on this but excellent to see positive development. Colour and object matching has also improved with faster response time and displaying a stronger understanding of the objectives of these activities with greater accuracy. Again, this will be something that we will continue to expand on. The children also had the opportunity to play with our new farm toys and build ramps/bridges for toy cars to race up and/or across. These where a great opportunity for the children to express their imaginations, working together as friends and as a team. Which they all did so well. In particular Harvey and Connor really worked well together when it came to building a bridge together both coming in with different very different views and ideas but working together efficiently in an excellent demonstration of positive collective collaboration. Well done boys! Very impressive. We also had a visit from Big Little Sports today.

Shortly before lunch the children regrouped on the group mat to play some musical instruments both actual musical instruments and having the opportunity to create musical instruments of their own using recyclables. This was a great opportunity for the children to get creative and explore the many possibilities and fun that can be had with everyday items. We played “ABC’s”, “Twinkle Twinkle little star”.

Lunch time! On today’s menu, Chicken balls (or Tofu) with roast vegetables, corn, beetroot and garden greens. YUM!

While the children enjoyed a delicious lunch, their beds were setup up. One by one as they finished their lunch the quietly made their way to their beds to sleep or rest.

Which brings us to where we are in the day right now!

Once the children start rising again, more educational and engaging activities with made available to them. We will have an light snack for afternoon tea and with the weather the way it is right now, we will head outside to stretch out their legs and go full circle for the day with an afternoon play with all our Riversdale friends once more!

It might be hump day Wednesday but the energy and engagement from the children has been amazing. Parents be proud!


Warm Regards,

Mr G & Miss TJ