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Happy Wednesday families and friends…

What a super fun day of fun, learning and play in the Senior Kindy room today… This morning the children explored the outdoor environment, engaging in a variety of child initiated experiences.  Connor carefully filled his watering can from the water pump and set about watering the nearby plants. Connor said, ‘these trees need water Miss Leesa’ as he poured the water all over the branches. Connor then decided to mix water and bark together as Christopher joined in to investigate and politely ask Connor ‘what he was doing’. Ryan and Latika enjoyed playing in pairs as they engaged in role play with the sea animals. Latika chose the sea turtle to push through the wet sand as it pretended to swim and Ryan chose the large whale to role play with as he called out and said, ‘it’s got a big tail’.

The children then transitioned indoors for morning tea and were excited to work together to make some mini cupcakes for Ryan’s 3rd Birthday. The children helped identify all the ingredients as they each had a turn of stirring the mixture together. Miss Jordan then carefully poured the mixture into the patty pans as the children watched on. We can’t wait to enjoy cupcakes for afternoon tea. Happy Birthday Ryan!!! The children were then given the opportunity to practice their drawing and writing skills on the whiteboards. The children helped identify the letters of their first name as they then practiced drawing the letters by tracing or copying. Harper and Bjorn drew circles on their whiteboards and then practiced  drawing straight lines, demonstrating very good fine motor, hand/eye coordination skills. We will continue practicing our drawing and writing skills for the rest of the week. Lachlan enjoyed role play with the doll house as he pretended set up the furniture and doll house family. The children have really been enjoying this type of play as they learn to negotiate roles and play make believe.

Other play experiences today included role play in homecorner, puzzle play, songs with actions, sharing stories in book corner and transport play.

Until next time..

Love Miss Leesa