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Happy Thursday friends and families!

Senior Kindy had a wonderful day, filled with so many fun experiences. This morning Chihiro, Lily and Ellie worked together at the grass mat where large blocks and trucks were set up. Chihiro said they were going to make a house. Asher and Zander went straight over to the big swing, sitting on either side and saying “Higher TJ, higher”.

The children were so excited and ready for some water play. After some morning tea we made sure we all had sunscreen, hats and our swimmers or spare clothes on. Once we were ready we made our way over to the shaded part of the yard where a trough full of cool water, cups and boats were. There was also the sprinkler set up on the grass just like last week. The children did not hesitate at all and ran straight through the sprinkler. They had so much fun gently pouring water over theirs and each others arms and heads. The children used their imagination and were using cups of water to pour over ‘a fire’. The group also enjoyed running through the sprinkler and jumping in the puddles of water. It was the perfect day to do water play as it has been quite hot. We did have to cut our water play a bit short as the smoke from the fires had decided to visit us. The children were very keen to get warm and dry, and begin some activities inside…

The children helped us paint a Christmas wreath that will be placed on our window. They used red and green paint and topped it off by sprinkling gold glitter in top. It’s going to look great! The children continued to play ‘Elsa’ from the Frozen movie, dressing up and scaring off the big bad wolf. Asher and Zander chose the stacking shapes to pull out on the table. The pair challenged each other to see who could make the tallest tower. They were so tall that they were bending right over before falling on the floor. This made Asher and Zander both giggle!

Before lunch we had a group stretch on the mat touching our toes and stretching our backs and necks.We had so much fun yesterday singing along to Christmas tunes. We did the same today but this time we played musical instruments along to Rudolph and Jingle Bells. Lastly we read a book called ‘That’s not my chick’ which was chosen by Chihiro and it was a fun sensory touching book where we learnt some new describing words such as soft, rough and smooth.


I placed their wet items on the line and then in a bag in their school bags.

I have also placed the December newsletter in their bags.

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ