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Welcome Ella to Senior Kindy! The children were all very welcoming to our new friend. Ella did an amazing job for her first day and enjoyed exploring our room.

This morning Mia wanted to do a trial for Soccer and she had so much fun kicking the ball around and listening to the tasks! If anyone else would like to do a trial run for soccer please let us know. Over the last week I have noticed that the children love playing in the sandpit pretending to cook using the kitchen items. Today we brought the sand pit into our classroom using a trough. Zander and Asher were straight in their using the kitchen items to start experimenting. Asher said “I’m making tea” as he poured the sand into the metal jug. Zander said “I will pour it” as he poured some more sand into a tray. Ellie, Zahra and Harley soon joined the boys in the sand play. Ellie said “I’m going to making some coffee”. Zahra and Harley were enjoying using a cup to scoop up the sand and then watching it pour back into the trough. Kaylee had a go at the sandpit too using a flat spade to scoop up the sand and transfer it into a pan.

Mia, Zahra, Kaylee and Ella all enjoyed some role playing in the home corner. Ella loved cutting up our velcro food with the wooden knife, she said “cut!” as the food split in two. Kaylee and Mia were caring for the babies, taking them for a stroll in the pram around the room and feeding them a bottle.

Mia and Zahra also had a go at our large farm puzzle on the table finding a few pieces that joined together. The drawing table was also a hit today with the children using the crayons to practice their pencil grip and using their imagination.

Before lunch time we had a lovely relaxing time on the mat sitting on the pillows . We listened to a story by Eric Carle called ‘Pappa please get the moon for me’ and the children loved it. What a great little story to hear before our rest time. Thank you Ella from helping me clean up some of the sand that was on the floor.

Have a great day

Miss TJ