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Good afternoon!

This morning we welcomed our friends into the yard where we had so much fun! The kindergarten children decided to play a trick and steal all the educators hats and hide them. Senior Kindy soon joined in but it backfired and the educators joined in by running around stealing the children’s hats and putting them back on their heads. We had so much fun running around the yard, playing a form of tag.

Before morning tea, we sat on the mat and did some Olympic movements from the flash cards. This involved pretending to swim, play javelin, triple jump and run like an athlete. We then triple jumped to the bathroom, washed our hands and sat down for morning tea.¬†After morning tea, we sat on the mat with Miss Aaliyah where we sang some songs including “if your happy and you know it”, we played “doggy doggy where’s your bone” before transitioning to activities.

Today for activities, we firstly sat on the ground in a circle for the activity. Miss Bec made the Olympic rings out of baking soda. The children then took turns at using the eye droppers to squeeze and squirt the coloured vinegar onto the rings, which then caused a reaction. All children went “woahhh” and were eager for their turn. Once finished with this activity, we came to the tables where we painted paper plates black. This will then form our Olympic torches, which we will continue to make later in the day. Some of our friends participated in free play in the room as well. Before we knew it, it was time to come outside, where we looveeddd the swing, and riding the scooters. Our friends are becoming so good at their balance.

What an amazing Wednesday!

Love Miss Bec, Miss Alicia and Miss Aaliyah x