Hello families,

Welcome back to a wonderful Wednesday!

After a fun morning with all of our friends, we came inside for our morning group time. Today we welcomed one another, said our Acknowledgment to Country and sang our Good Morning songs 🙂 What a perfect way to start our day!

We then got to enjoy some inside play and explored our favorite areas within the Senior Kindy classroom! There was lots of imaginative play through home corner and dress ups, practicing our fine and gross motor skills through building blocks and Lego, extended our hand-eye coordination and creativeness through water color painting, and had a sensory activity with play-dough! We had an awesome time enhancing our skills just by playing happily 🙂

During our Halloween week, the children love to express their excitement and understanding of Halloween through many activities that they get involved in. Like today, they made special spiders with some pipe cleaners when playing with the play-dough using their wild imaginations 🙂 Well done friends!

Before preparing for big lunch and rest time, we came together on the mat for our afternoon group time. Following on from yesterday, some of our friends wanted to show the rest of us something special for Show and Tell! Connor talked about his baby sister and had some beautiful photos to show us, while Millie spoke about her bag and barbie doll! The rest of us love to hear and see what our friends have to show us! Thank you Connor and Millie 🙂

We hope you have all enjoyed your Wednesday!

Kind regards

Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana