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Welcome to Wednesday

It was a lovely morning play outside in the yard, enjoying some water play to cool us down. Miss Donna was very cheeky, splashing us with some cool water. The children ran up to Donna and said, “You can’t get me”. In the trough we had buckets, cups and watering cans for the children to pour and experiment with. Harvey was having a blast, filling up his cup and splashing Miss TJ 😊

Once inside we sat down on the mat and called out the role for the day. Senior Kindy children listened out for their name and either put their hands up her said “Here” just like big children. We sang our Hello song with a lot of enthusiasm, singing loud and proud. We asked the children what they would like to play with today. Joseph asked for play dough, Hendrix asked for drawing, Macy asked for the Bugs (Our sorting bug colours activity from yesterday) and Connor asked for the cars and blocks. Before transitioning off to the activities Miss TJ reminded to children that sharing is caring. Miss TJ and Zachary role playing how to share by saying to another person, “please can I have a turn”. Everyone did an amazing job going around the group and having a go at sharing. Well done friends, its always better to share rather than snatch.

Miss TJ made lavender smelling purple play dough for today. The children were using their senses to smell and touch the soft dough between their fingers. We added wooden buttons, paddle pop sticks and other natural items to add with our creations. Ryan held up a paddle pop stick with a ball of play dough on the top and said “Lollipop”. Tate told us that he was “Making a snowman”. Ayla made a birthday cake, using the paddle pops as candles to blow out. Emerson said that he was “squishing and making a worm”.

We had Little Big Sports come in to give the children a trial lesson. We stretched and warmed up our bodies doing a couple exercises. They had so much fun listening to the instructions and playing a couple games. The children were really excited to show everyone their stickers and bracelets they received at the end of the lesson. If you would like your child to participate in Little Big Sports every Wednesday morning then ask the ladies at the office or visit their site.

Senior Kindy children were very tired from their big morning of running around and exploring the rooms adventures that they all fell fast asleep by 12:30.

Hope you have a lovely afternoon

Miss TJ