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Happy Wednesday!

Today we were all very curious and excited about the Ocean Stars show. We made our way over to the Pre Kindy room and sat down beautifully waiting for the show to start. The children noticed the tank full of sea creatures crawling around in the water. We learnt so much about a handful of animals that live in the ocean. We named some of the animals and shells, read a ocean story together, met some fluffy toy ocean animals and then even got a chance to investigate the water tank of creatures and shell/coral table. There were starfish, sea slugs, hermit crabs, sea urchins and snails. Children’s voice during the show:

Zander- I like big sharks!

Ellie- What is that? A starfish. I don’t like the sea urchin, because he’s spiky.

Lily- I want a hammer head shark

Ellie was jumping and pointing with excitement while observing the creatures move around the tank.

Asher- It’s a seashell

We then came inside for a quick play exploring the room activities such as home corner role playing doctors, building with a construction activity, colouring with the texters and our animal sensory table. At group time we looked at the life cycle of a tadpole/frog. MIss TJ showed us the pictures of the eggs, tadpoles, tadpoles growing their arms and legs and then the frog. We also found out a few facts on each stage of the frogs life. Our friend Lily told us that her and her grandmother often go for walks through their back garden to see what they can find. We extended on this interest by going on our own venture through our yard to explore and investigate. I asked Lily, “Where should we go?” and she answered saying, “In the jungle”. We followed after each other checking out the trees and garden before making our way over to the back drain to see if the tadpoles were still there from last week. Ellie went straight over to search and show her friends where we found them last time. They were still in there! Asher said “They turn into frogs!”. Hopefully we can keep visiting the tadpoles and made see their growth. On our adventure through the garden we saw tadpoles, a birds nest, spider webs, flowers, collected sticks and even tasted the broad beans in the vegetable garden.

It has been a lovely day in the Senior Kindy room. I am so proud of the children and their toileting lately. Some of my nappy children even had a go at sitting on the toilet today! Well done!

Miss TJ