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Good Afternoon everyone!

Today we had just a small class of two with Ellie and Harley. Over the last week of being in the Senior Kindy I have noticed that Harley and Ellie love playing with each other. Ellie mentioned that “She misses Asher and Zander” who were away today. Very thoughtful of you Ellie. Morning Tea was a delicious Chia pudding with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Ellie and Harley were giggling away at Ellie’s red lips from eating the raspberries.

Today is International friendship day so we decided to do a partner friendship painting with the children. Ellie and Harley worked together to make an art pieces using all the colours of the rainbow. They used thick brushes to paint the big pieces of paper. Harley noticed some paint on his hand and decided to print it on the paper. Harley was excited with the outcome so began to paint his whole hand and soon Ellie joined in on the fun painting her hand too. The children took initiative painting their own hands with a colour, wiping their hand clean with a wipe and then choosing the next colour. Great to see Ellie and Harley working together.

Ellie asked if we could bring out the play dough again today and Harley asked if we could add shells. They really enjoyed getting their hands messy today with the paint and now the play dough as they manipulated the dough into all sorts of shapes and squishing the shells into it.

Just before a yummy lunch we had a group time. The last few days Miss TJ has been story telling the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff” story using animal toys as props. Yesterday we focused on the words small, medium and BIG when talking about the  sizes of the Billy Goats. Today we extended on this learning with another fairy tale called “Goldilocks and the Three bears”. Miss TJ used those words again when talking about the size of the bears bowls, chairs and beds. Ellie and Harley were really engaged with the story very excited to see the reactions of the Bears when they found out someone was in their house. I pointed to each size of object and asked either Harley or Ellie what that size was. Would like to extend on the sizing when revisiting the story and going into other describing words to extend on their language.

Other activities that the children enjoined were puzzles and the small world animals grass table.

Hope you all had a lovely day

Miss TJ