Exactly 3 more weeks until Christmas day! Lily arrived today with her grandma and told us they she loves singing ‘There was a farmer who had a dog Bingo’ and ‘Wheels on the Bus’. To warm up our bodies and voices we sang and clapped along to these two songs at group time with Lily. This morning Asher and Zander requested that we play with Red play dough which was a great idea to fit in with the Christmas theme. We made some fresh red play dough and then to jazz it up we added gold glitter to it. The children helped me knead the glitter into the dough before using the play dough tools such as scissors, rolling pins and cookie cutters. Kneading was a great technique that we learnt today. Asher and Ellie said they were making “Pizzas”. Lily and Chihiro were having fun with the scissors and cutting tools.

On the craft table we painted baubles using round sponges. The children were using different techniques with the sponges such as dot painting or like a normal brush. Our room is starting to look very colourful with all this Christmas craft. These baubles will look great up on the wall too!

Chihiro and Kaylee packed some food, plates and cutlery in their bag and shopping trolley before setting up a picnic on the mat where they role played mums having lunch together. Ella was rocking the baby to sleep in the cot and sung, “Shhh” to the baby. Asher and Zander both worked collaboratively in building towers using the 3D shapes. They were also pointing out the “Triangle. Circle. Square”.

Ella came over to Miss TJ’s computer and pointed to some gifts on the Target Catalog to help with her Christmas list on Santa’s letter. We quickly placed it in Santa’s mailbox.

Today we had a nice surprise. Mr Elf (Our Elf on the shelf) was not on the pot plant anymore but on top of the teddy above the lockers. Ellie pointed out that Mr Elf was holding a piece of paper. Miss TJ grabbed the letter out of Mr Elf’s hands, making sure not to touch him as his magic won’t work then. We sat together on the mat and read “Dear Senior Kindy children. Please go and check Santa’s mailbox”. So off we went, holding a partners hand to go and check out the mailbox in the office. When we opened it up, we found letters written to each child. We jumped and screamed with excitement when we realised the letter was from SANTA CLAUS himself! Santa had replied to our letters from the past week. We ran back inside so that Miss TJ could read the letters which said that Santa has noted their lists and he would make sure he stops and everyone’s homes who have been good. We placed the reply letter’s in our bags.What a fun and exciting experience for the children.

(If you would like to collect your child’s Santa letter that we wrote from the past week, without them seeing it. Please go to the front office where Miss Nads has them hidden from the children)

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ