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Welcome to Wednesday’s Senior Kindy Blog

Today the children were very excited to start their Wednesday. This morning Miss TJ set up a face painting station out in the outside classroom. They asked for spiders, flowers, love hearts, dragons and all sorts of things that challenged Miss TJ’s artistic skills.Coming inside, the class had a delicious raisin bread and fruit morning tea before heading over to the reading corner where they sat beautifully together, quietly reading stories. We packed away our books and grabbed the dried seed pods like yesterday and used them as clap sticks. We practiced hitting the two seed pods together to make a sound and onto the floor to hear a different sound. Ayla and Zachary asked if we could sing ‘ABC’. Emerson asked if we could then sing ‘Baby Shark’. It was a lovely moment between the class, smiling at each other while singing and playing along. We LOVE music in Senior Kindy, it was great to see everyone involving themselves in the experience!

We had noticed that the children love building and construction too. So today we pulled out the large lego construction box and our friends has a great time building and creating with Mr G. A small group worked together to make a Ship and an Oil refueling station for the ships. Our friend Christopher showed us his love for construction when coming for a play date, using recycled items to build. Today we wanted to extend on his interest by grabbing a bunch of recycled/reusable items from the collection by the office to challenge the children’s imagination and problem solving skills. While building the children told us what they were creating or doing:

Noah said he was “collecting eggs”

Ayla said she had a “Treasure chest”

Zachary was enjoying collecting rocks

Harvey said ” I’m making plastic” and “A tree house”

The children have really been enjoying our play dough play this week with recycled items as well. Today we added wooden buttons and paddle pop sticks.

Joseph, Zachary and Emerson had a lot of fun at Little big sports today. They were very confident and eager to try all the tasks. Dont forget if you would like your child to try out soccer, please talk to Nads or Emma at the front desk.

Before Lunch we sat down as a group and read a story called “Time for Bed” which helped us relax out bodies. We then lay down on the mat practicing our belly breathing while Miss TJ lay a blanket over us and pulling it up gently giving us a tickle.

Senior Kindy are having a wonderful sleep right now, listening to the rain outside.

Miss TJ and Mr G