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Hello families and friends…

What a wonderfully busy day in the Senior Kindy Room today. The children had so much fun exploring the great outdoors as they engaged in sensory sand and water play, raced on the 3-wheeler bikes, took turns on the monkey bars and swings.

We then all transitioned indoors and after morning tea kept busy with water colour painting, play dough play with the rollers, wooden hammers, scissors and shape cutters and worked together to build a big long track for the magnetic trains. We continued on with our friends having their kindy photos taken and Sonja from Border Studios was kind enough to visit our room and show us all how her camera worked.

Yarn time we shared some of our favourite new songs including ‘On top of Spaghetti’ and ‘Little Cottage in the Woods’… We have also started practicing some Christmas songs, which the children have just loved as they also share stories about Santa Clause and what he might bring them this year.

Until next time…  Enjoy the photos…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Lara