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Happy Wednesday families and friends…

Today in the Senior Kindy room the children were excited to gather with Miss Dominique in the book corner for a spontaneous ‘yoga session’. Harper, Ryan and Millie happily sat close to Miss Dom and Latika, Christopher and Lachlan soon joined in as the children observed Miss Dominique’s special resources. Harper and Ryan noticed she had a big drum and a beautiful rug to sit on. The children practiced breathing exercises as they raised their arms high in the air and then were given the opportunity choose  a special gem stone to hold onto as they practiced breathing in and out. Miss Dom then encouraged the children to have a turn beating the drum as she sang a beautiful song. This experience was great as we are learning  to take turns and share with our peers as one of our goals this month. Miss Dom then showed off her flute playing skills as the children listened carefully and enjoyed her wonderful talent. Thank you Miss Dominique!!!

The children then helped set up our new home corner area today as they worked together to unpack the new picnic baskets full of fruits and vegetables and set about engaging  in role play as they pretended to have a picnic at the table. Millie was very kind as she helped prepare delicious meals for her friends. Christopher kept very busy in the kitchen placing the food items in the cupboards and then asking Ryan what he would like when he joined in on the role play experience. We will be adding more resources to home corner tomorrow as we continue on with this play.

The children then gathered at the table to continue on with making special gifts for our mummies for Mother’s Day. Yarn time we shared another story entitled ‘Mummy and Me’ a book about a little bear and his mum going on an adventure in the woods and doing special things together like playing hide and seek and splashing in puddles. We will be sharing more stories tomorrow about how special our mummies are to us!

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa