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Hello Riversdale families,

Welcome to a wonderful Wednesday!

As we came inside for our morning tea, we practiced our self-help skills and served our own food today 🙂 This was a great way to extend on their independence and show us what foods they enjoy more. We lined up as Miss Tatyana called our names and we scooped up some fresh yogurt and muesli, while also choosing our favorite fruits! We love re-energizing our little bodies with some morning tea 🙂

After packing away our plates, we sat on the mat for our morning yarn time with Miss Leesa. Today we read a book called ‘Journey into Space’! We loved engaging in the story that showed us all about the planets and rocket ships. Today’s book was used as inspiration for a fun activity that was prepared for us later on!

Following on from our topic of SPACE and the pictures in today’s story, we all enjoyed making our own little rocket ships and satellites with our Lego! It was a blast getting creative and using our imaginations to fly into space today 🙂

We also enjoyed some inside free-play with some of our selected resources. There was fun with play-dough, dress ups and doll houses, cooking in the kitchen and race cars! We had an awesome time playing with our friends!

After an afternoon group time singing some songs and learning more about Space, it was time for a big lunch and to rest our little bodies. Thank you Senior Kindy friends for a very happy Wednesday 🙂 See you all soon!

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana