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Hello Riversdale families,

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

As we started our day soaking up some vitamin D in our favorite place to play, we transitioned smoothly inside to our mat for our morning group time. We sang our Good Morning songs and read the story ‘We wish you a ripper Christmas!’ that reflected celebrating Christmas in Australia. We then did a bit of Show and Tell as Bjorn wanted to show his friends the iconic story book of the Gingerbread Man that he brought from home. Thank you for sharing Bjorn 🙂

After washing our hands, we sat for morning tea and drank lots of water! Following that, we explored the classroom for our favorite activities to engage in. We particularly loved using our thinking hats today to put together puzzles and build whatever our imaginations wished with our magnetic building activity. Plus many more fun!

On this exciting Wednesday, the Senior Kindy friends got to participate in a little cooking Christmas fun as we made our own special Christmas Cookies!! We absolutely loved that we got to be involved in this as they showed so much enthusiasm and joy! There was biscuits, icing and lots of sprinkles for all of our friends to enjoy!

It was then time for us all to help each other pack away and get ourselves ready for lunch time and a little rest.

Thank you friends for an awesome day and we can’t wait to see you all at our Senior Kindy Christmas Party this afternoon. There will be fun Christmas activities, crafts, foods, time with families and your educators, as well as a special visit from Santa! See you all very soon 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa, Miss Tatyana and Miss Parminder