Hello families and friends and welcome to our day in the Senior Kindy room!

This morning Miss Jess welcomed 8 terrific friends to the room today! Ayla, Hendrix, Tate, Joseph, Ryan, Zach, Connor and our new friend Harvey 😊

What a fun day it has been, and I look forward into sharing what happened this sunny day.

Harvey has had a wonderful day today and settled well, which is so good 😊

All friends enjoyed a play outside this morning! Zach, Harvey and Tate really enjoyed playing with the big yellow dump trucks as they then started to dig up the dirt and put it onto the truck before emptying it. Hendrix enjoyed colouring and drawing at the table as well as playing with the musical instruments as well as Ayla! Connor had fun riding the bike around the track with his brother as well as friends! Joey enjoyed running around and happily playing with his friends outside 😊 Zach and Tate worked together with Miss Jess to build a great big tower with the wooden blocks! They both worked so well together to accomplish their target, great teamwork 😊 Ryan had some quick fun outside and a play on the swing with his sister before coming inside.

We did playdough for our activity today as Miss Jess asked Joey if he would like to make playdough after reading that he enjoys playing with it and Joey was happy to say β€œyes”. As a whole class all participated in making the playdough and they all LOVED IT!!! All worked so well together and took it in turns to add ingredients and stir!

Throughout the day in the room, all friends liked to play with different toys such as puzzles, cafΓ© area was a hit with our friends and the dress ups!! The cars were also a fav to Tate and Harvey! We have all had a wonderful day and we hope you all did too!

Thankyou Senior Kindy,

See you all soon,

Miss Jess & Miss TJ x