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Happy Friday everyone! 😊

What another lovely Friday it was with our amazing friends Milly, Zachary and Ayla! Last week our friend Milly asked if we could do face painting next time. So today, Miss TJ painted the children’s arms or faces out in the morning play with the Australian theme in mind. Milly asked for an Australian flag and Zachary and Ayla got Koalas. This morning during our group time Ayla asked if we could read ‘Spot goes to the Farm’. We then had a look at some Australia day items for us to play with today which were huge sunglasses (which the children wanted to try on and take a photo), a fan, flags and magnetic boomerangs which we stuck onto a magnetic white board. (Notice the photo of Ayla and TJ which was taken by Milly) While observing the boomerangs it brought on the discussion on what is a boomerang? The children were also pointed out the dot painting and the Australian animals on the boomerangs. Miss TJ then explained to the group, that boomerangs are used by the indigenous Australian people for hunting.

Extending on from our boomerang discussion we decided to have a go at doing dot painting, just like the patterns on the magnetic boomerangs. We used cotton buds as our painting tool and the children practiced the dot technique pinching their fingers together on the bud and spotting in the paper up and down. Miss TJ cut out boomerang shaped paper for the children to dot paint onto. Zachary sang “Dot, dot, dot…”

After a bit of a play around the room shopping in the home corner and playing over at the doll house we thought we should make use of our outdoor verandah area which is under cover. As it was quite warm today we had a lovely water play experience to cool us down. The centre was donated a whole bunch of real flowers to use in each classroom. We added our bunch to our water play with pots, pans, spoons and Australia flag cups for the children to experiment with. Zachary, Ayla and Milly had an absolute ball picking off the flowers, mixing around the water and pouring the water from bowl to bowl.

Hope you had an awesome day just like we did here in the Senior Kindy room. Have a safe and happy long weekend! 😊

Miss TJ x