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Totally Terrific Tuesday 2020

Miss Tania, Miss Amanda had the pleasure of having our lovely Miss Jess in her old room today & we were sooo happy to have her!

Our friends were SUUUUUUUPER excited to see her as well!!

Good Morning to Bentley, Abel, Miller, Orion, Edward, Jesse, Millie, Bella, Alfie and Oliver..


We enjoyed seeing our friend Bella return from holidays!
Miller has been trying to get around alot more and is enjoying all the fun interactions with her friends !!
Abel, Bentley, Millie and Orion have been having fun playing with the ball’s outside in our babies area! !
Bella, Millie & Miller enjoyed reading a book and puzzles!
Alfie enjoyed all the attention from his friends and was kept busy with the rubber shapes – enjoying all the textures..
Jesse, Edward & Oli was showing us more how he can crawl and get to the shapes and books and everywhere else in the room! These three are standing up lots more & improving their strength in legs & upper body!

We all enjoyed our nourishing lunch today & all our friends appreciated the fun conversations , the finger foods & squishing all the different textures in their hands & in their mouth..

Our babies all enjoyed playing by themselves and with each other! We have had such a busy wonderful day!

Thank you ALL from our hearts today!

Lots Of Love Miss Tania, Miss Amanda, Miss Jess xox