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Before School the children gathered in the playground using their negation and problem solving as they become aware of fairness to play hide & seek tiggy.   Balancing games, bikes and swings had children taking turns. Indoors children played orbs construction, robots were popular, and snail interactions. silent ball and limbo to transition to school.

This afternoon as part of nature week the children moulded clay. Snails were popular as are our room snails when the children enjoy the sensory interactions.

Families were role played in home area, creating pretend meals and expanding creativity and conversation skills. Magnetic construction enhanced spacial and mathematical skills. Colouring in sheets were popular as Harper and Scarlet used jel pens to colour beetles.

Talks about our garden sparked a lot of interest and today we started gathering recycled pots…. stay tuned.💚

enjoy your day, catch up again soon,

🐝🐌😍 Miss Lea