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Good afternoon Senior kindy families, today was focused all around dot day which we read the children a story called The Dot by Peter Reynolds. The story was based on how creative thinking coming from a teacher can unlock a child’s own creativity, confidence and growth. You can create many beautiful pieces of artwork with just a dot, that’s why we recognize dot day. The children explored artwork through dots as the little girl used dots to create her pieces of artwork.

To extend on with the dots we decided to explore further by creating our own pieces of art and expressing ourselves through our paintings and implementing dots into our artwork. The children chose their own coloured water colour and away they went creating their master pieces using different technique strokes. As a further extension we created some dot artworks using different coloured dot stickers and letting the children to stick them wherever they wanted onto the paper creating artworks. We asked the children what they had created on their pieces of paper. The children were very proud of their artworks as they proudly displayed them on the wall for everyone to see. The children were able to express themselves onto the paper today and connect with their emotions, we also developed on our social skills as we held conversations about our artworks. Seeyou all again tomorrow, love Miss Alicia, Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx