Good afternoon and happy Thursday!

This morning Miss Thais, Maddi and Bec welcomed Willow, Lincoln, Abel, Millie, Lara, Ivy, Parker, Tua, Onyx, Nikora, Dominic, Diego and Nayla into the room. Today our educators dressed up as Cat in the hat, thing 1 and thing 2. The children loved it!

A big happy birthday to Onyx as he turns 2 today! WOO!! On another note, we also say goodbye to our friend Willow today who will be leaving us 🙁 Good luck Willow, we will miss you!

We started our day outdoors where the children played with trucks, dug holes in the sandpit and played at the water station. Miss Bec and Miss Maddi then sat us down and sang us some songs that we really enjoy, including “if your happy and you know it”, “open shut them”, “twinkle twinkle” and “abcd…” They then decided to turn the speaker on and play some aussie hits including “Give me a home among the gumtrees”, “Land downunder” and a couple more. Parker and Onyx really loved dancing around the yard.

We then sang our “bee bee bumble bee:” song and trasitioned indoors for morning tea. After morning tea, we enjoyed free indoor play where the children were able to explore their interests including magnetic and building blocks, puzzles and books. Miss Emma then decided to come in and read us a couple of books and sing us some songs to help celebrate book week. She read us “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly and  Macca the Alpacca” and she even taught us a new hammer song!! Thanks Emma, we love it!!

We then headed outdoors for a last play, where the children asked to sing some more songs, this time they loved “I had a tiny turtle”. They enjoyed sliding down the slide, climbing over the net bridge and jumping on the obstacle course.

We then transitioned indoors for lunch and rest time and are ready for a great afternoon. Hopefully the rain stays away!

Love Miss Thais, Bec and Maddi