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Good afternoon Senior kindy families, what a lovely, busy day we have had exploring our indoor and outdoor environments. The children expressed excitement over the activities this morning and were eager to go out and participate in these experiences. As the children have been interested in learning about dinosaurs we decided to extend on this by creating a dinosaur themed world for them to engage in. Some dinosaur eggs were made using bicarb soda, water, food colouring and a bit of flour and some baby dinosaurs were placed inside to create dinosaur eggs. The children aided the baby dinosaurs in hatching from the eggs by using eye droppers filled with coloured vinegar and dropping this solution onto the dinosaur eggs creating a chemical reaction of fizzing.

The children then used some spoons as hammers to help the dinosaurs hatch the rest of the way out of their shells, we were excited to discover the little dinosaurs hatched whilst we helped them. Hunter was able to confidently identify all the different names of dinosaurs to us. We also expressed a great amount of interest and concentration into our new alphabet boards which we used special pens to trace over the letters, the children have been doing really well at starting to identify different letters and point out the first letters of their names. Seeyou all again tomorrow, love Miss Alicia, Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx