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Hello from Babies 2 room,

Today Noah, Ariana and Finley had so much energy to burn, they were absolutely loving climbing, their gross motor skills are really coming along each day as they explore and try new things.

The children spent plenty of time on the obstacle course in the babies 3 yard,  it was so much fun joining with our friends from the other rooms and exploring the different toys in the yard.

They all enjoyed climbing on the bikes and riding up and down the laneway, all three of them spent quite a bit of time in the sandpit together as we learnt how to fill the buckets up with the shovel and sand.

This is great for hand and eye co-ordination practice.

The children explored the different colours as we drew on paper, they all really love art and are great at holding the pens, we have been singing all day long, different kinds of nursery rhymes, “Twinkle Twinkle” still seems to be a favourite.

Its been such a lovely day today with your children, thank you and we hope you are travelling well.

Miss Dominique